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About Us

Since we are already 5 months in 2017. we decided to prepare ladies for the summer! Anastasia Beverly Hills decided to start huge giveaway of latest makeup products that are available right now. Chance to get one product is same for everyone, the only way to get it is to complete all the steps from above and you will be contacted under 24h. We do ship worldwide with included free shipping! - anahillgw

If you share this giveaway on more social media platforms (Twitter,Youtube,Pinterest,Instagram) your chances to win are double and you will also get surprise present inside your desired product bag!


Is this fake?

  • This is not fake giveaway 100%, why? This is only limited time promotion so it won't last forever, just until our stocks are empty.

Why is there surveys?

  • Since we give for free stuff that costs around 50$/each and also pay shippings, we must have sponsors, in this situation some of big mobile app companies contacted us and gave us the deal and sponsorship. It says that every user in case to be part of a giveaway must install at least 1 application from them, which is not some spammy application or anything that will steal your data and info. Applications are 100% safe and downloaded from AppStore or Google Play. It will take you 1-2 minutes to complete and you got a box, sounds good?

What after installing application?

  • Get back to our site and you'll see "Success page", after that you are part of a giveaway and we will contact you on email in couple of hours up to 24h.

Where do we ship?

  • We ship worldwide, for USA and Europe delivery is between 5-15 days, for other countries its up to 40 days.

Shipping is free?

  • Yes, 100%!